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- You get username and password 5-45 min. after receipt of the payment in a separate e-mail from VoyGirls Webmaster.
- Username and password IS SEND BY WEBMASTER

- All videos and images may not be sold or displayed on other media.

- If recognize someone on the videos or images, it will be deleted on request.

- The photos and videos are taken under difficult conditions and may vary in quality and size.

- The fee paid for the Premium access is not refundable in any case.
- Complaints about the quality, motifs or design are welcome.
- In case of Problems, you can rephrase your question here

- Premature termination of the account must be requested in writing.


Imprint - Voygirls.com / Owner and Webmaster

Premium terms:
1   hour     -  For FREE
6   hours   -  € 3,00
24 hours   -  € 5,00
48 hours   -  € 10,00

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